Travel Fees

We're more than happy to travel for our clients and we do it quite often for those planning a destination wedding or those that live outside of San Antonio.

Below is a basic breakdown of what you can expect when it comes to the travel fees associated with traveling for your shoot, wedding, or event.  Travel fees are in addition to the session/wedding price and simply cover the expenses that occur during travel.


For locations more than 2 hours away, a one-night hotel stay in a non-smoking room is required. This way, we're able to travel promptly to the wedding venues the next day to prevent any potential delays that may cause a disruption to your day. The hotel will be selected based its proximity to the venue. Hotel rates will vary based on the location, but a simple hotel to rest our heads and cameras will do!

We also charge a vehicle expense based on the standard mileage rate (53.5 cents for 2017) per mile for the amount of miles to and from the location of your wedding/session/event to cover gas, mileage, tolls, etc. Plus a $50 fee per day to cover meals, parking, and other incidentals.

These fees must be paid in advance of your session, wedding, or event.


For those sessions, weddings, and events that require air travel, clients are charged expenses such as air fare, car rental (if necessary), hotel stay, parking expenses (if applicable), and a per diem of $100 per day for meals.

If we are traveling for a destination wedding, a two night stay (one night before the wedding and night of the wedding) is necessary to make sure we arrive with plenty of time.

These fees must be paid in advance of your session, wedding, or event and will be booked by Anh-Viet Dinh Photography.

*If the type of session/event/wedding requires more than one day, then the expenses listed above may change. Please contact us with the details.